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Thread: My Marlin 44 is gone!

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    Default My Marlin 44 is gone!

    I got rained out at the range the other morning before getting a chance to try a new cast bullet load in my 44. So I stuck it behind the seat for another go the next morning. Upon arriving at the range the following morning I discovered my gun was gone. After getting rained out the previous morning I made several stops around town and ran to Sheels. I can't remember leaving the truck unlocked but must have as there was no sign of forced entry at any time. It was a clunker but that little rifle sure was involved in a lot of memories. Live and learn!

    The states largest gunshow is happening this weekend in DesMoines and the guys that check in and tag all guns coming into the building know me and they are watching for it. Every pawn shop in the area that deals in guns is also on the look out so it is possible that it will turn up! If it does then the thief will get to look me in the eye! He can count on it!

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    That sucks, but I bet you get it back since you quickly got the word out.

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    Default Thiefs make my blood boil!!

    Sorry about your loss. About 8 yrs ago somebody broke the window out of my pickup to get at my stereo, they couldn't get the stereo out of the dash but they did find my scoped Super Redhawk 44 and my 3 screw Super Single Six hidden behind the seat. I've never seen them again, I hope you have better luck than I did.

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    Angry so sorry...

    Gun thieves and horse thieves, I long for the good old days..........

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    A few tips from a retired cop.

    Dirtballs can get in your vehicle without obvious entry points; they will push a small flat screwdriver that they file down thin, past your tumblers and work the lock, or if you have one those door handles with a piece of trim or facing surrounding it, they slip a tool past that to work the lock, and they are fast! If your window was cracked open there are all kinds of tools to help open your doors that way as well.

    You must have reported it to the police so they can enter the serial number into NCIC, that way if they sell it and someone does a check, it will show up, or if it is recovered in a crime. If is used and recovered in a crime, a police report will help you in case you were out without witnesses during the time of the crime!!!!!!

    Ask your local gun shops to be weary of strangers buying .44 mag. ammo that they havenít seen before, if they will. If you know the store owner, they may even ask the customer what kind of the gun they have like they are curious Ö sometimes the dirtbags are dumb, sometimes not.

    Good luck, I hope you catch the B******!

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    Default .44

    I'm really sorry to hear that--especially since you had mentioned on previous posts that you took the majority of your deer with that little .44. Maybe some punk in need of drug money........I know from my experience with inmates/arrestees that some people with steal whatever's not nailed down--and may even steal what is nailed down! The only thing I recall having been stolen from me was a bear hide....beautiful,long thick fur,no rubs,large head....I took the bear in Quebec,and the bear hide came up "missing" from a NY tannery (along with a bunch of other hides...bear, elk, etc.). Would have made a beatiful half mount. Oh well--things happen I guess. Some people are pretty low. Anyway,at least know that we're (the good guys) all with you on this....I really hope you end up getting your gun back.

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    Sorry to hear that. I hope you get it back.

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    Elmerkeithclone, what year/make/model vehicle do you drive?


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