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Thread: Mystery Ranch kodiak pack?

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    Default Mystery Ranch kodiak pack?

    Just wondering if you guys have any input on this pack, My last pack i had was same size but only lasted a few seasons. From reading here you guys seem to think fairly highly about mystery ranch packs Any info would be helpful

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    I have the Grizzly and you'd be hard pressed to wear this thing out EVER! They are built hell for stout.

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    Default mr

    I have a crew cab which I love, and they are built hell for stout. Here is the quote from their website:
    We guarantee all our products for life.

    All Mystery Ranch products carry a lifetime warranty against any defects in materials and workmanship. Repairs or replacements for defects of this nature will be offered free of charge plus shipping. Repairs where Mystery Ranch is not at fault can also be offered for a reasonable fee.

    Their customer service is awesome as well, my experience is it is nice to deal with a small company that does everything inhouse. I have ordered a bunch of little accessories for mine. Plus they are built 100% in the US, which means something to me.


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