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Thread: S&W lawyer lock model ??

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    Default S&W lawyer lock model ??

    I just got a Model 25-13 Mountain gun...took it to the range and ran a few rounds through functioned great...took it home and cleaned it and went to dry fire it and the hammer hung up..I am sure its the lock and somewhere I saw an article where the lock was taken out by grinding down a nubby raised area I think on the inside side plate area??..somebody throw me a bone here...any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated...

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    Arrow S&W lock

    It can be completely removed with no adverse effects on your gun.There will be a hole left in the side of the gun which isn"t a real big problem and it will also void your warranty that's a decision you will have to make yourself.I have yet to have one of mine lock up because of the safety over 10000 rounds through a couple of them that said if you think the lock is causing problems first use your key to make sure the lock is disengaged all the way if you still have problems it may have to return to S&W or your local gunsmith.I have a good friend here who feels the same as you and he has super glued his safety from the inside with industral strength glue so you have several options.I do agree with you lawyers need to stay out of the gun business it is a needless safety the old smiths have a excellent safety record and safety locks just won't fix stupid...Good shooting Ronnie

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    Send it to S&W and have them fix it. I don't see how the lock would do what you describe unless it's not all the way unlocked. I think you may have a timing issue. I do agree they are a stupid addition!
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