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Thread: Remington 597 - 22 Mag

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    Default Remington 597 - 22 Mag

    I was wondering if anyone has had success with the this gun. I am thinking about getting one, but I have heard mixed reviews.

    Thanks in advance

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    Not me! I had high hopes for it when it came out and bought one. The Glenfield that I got from Wally's for a heck of a lot less feeds more reliably and is way more accurate. If you really want one, I'll sell you mine.

    Sorry, mine is a 22 LR
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    I have two of them in .22 Magnum, I just got the Heavy Barrel, Laminated Stock model. The only complaint I have is the length of pull is 14 1/8 inches and it was intended for winter day hikes, and winter means lots of clothes. the LOP is to long. I'll have it shortened by next winter.
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