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Thread: Does anybody sell vinyl raft material in Anchorage?

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    Default Does anybody sell vinyl raft material in Anchorage?

    I'm coming home in a couple weeks and want to start a project. I'm going to stop by AK steel and pick up my aluminum, but I need some heavy duty raft material in the color green, some glue, 4 valves, and a foot pump. I prefer to buy locally as opposed to buying online. I need the raft material to be at least 4 ft. long and I would need about 10 feet of it. No hypalon please, I don't have the skill to construct with that stuff. I'm going to construct an outrigger kit for both of my freighters Each pontoon will be 18 inches in diameter X 5 ft. long. They will be adjustable by height to water, and also adjustable for distance from gunwale. They will come to a sharp point on both the bow facing and stern facing ends. Any advice on my project would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    I would talk to Tracy at ARK. He should have the material and the knowledge. Good luck.


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