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Thread: boning question for unit 23

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    Default boning question for unit 23

    What bones can I leave behind when retreiving a caribou in unit 23? Can I remove the legs from the pelvis? Can I remove the back straps from the spine? Can I leave behind the lower leg bones and the sternum?

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    Default check dates

    I know that after a certain date in Oct. you may bone out the meat in the field.

    If I remember the reg book correctly (check for yourself first though), before the oct. date you must leave the meat on the quarters and ribs. You can remove the lower leg at the first joint. Backstraps and neck meat can be removed from bone.

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    The date, according to page 18 in this year's reg book, is 1 Oct.
    The definition of a rear quarter is from the ball joint down to the distal joint of the tibia-fibula, the front quarter is the front leg, shoulder including the scapula as far as the dismal joint. So yes you can remove and leave the lower leg bones. You can remove the quarters from the pelvis. Usually you split the sternum when you take the ribs. However, I believe you can cut right along the sternum if you wish. You can take the backstraps from the backbone and leave the spine.


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