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Thread: the halibut reel.....

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    Question the halibut reel.....

    As most of you know our halibut are almost always caught the same way. We free spool to the bottom and soak our favorite bait or work our favorite jig. What do you think the best gear ratio for this type of fishing and line weight/capacity is? I like something under 3.0 for Cook Inlet and for Seward and the surrounding area. I like a different set up for jigging on the drift out of Seward.

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    For my Charter business I bought Penn Graph Lite two speed reels. The high gear is 3.8:1 the low 2:1. I rarely have ever had to put one in low gear. People can wind the bigest and smallest of fishup quickly. The few times I have put them in low gear is if someone hooks a big skate. I can't say enough about those reels. They might be a bit big for a personal application. I just need to have alot of line on them or I'd be respooling them frequently. I really like the Accurate and Avet reels. I'm going to be buying one for my lady. When I take her fishing the Penns are too heavy for her to fish comfortably. I got a custom built rod from Fetha Styx, and want to match it to a small frame, heavy duty reel. I'll probably buy a two speed again for that. When a Halibut is well hooked with a big circle hook they aren't going anywhere but up.
    To get back on track Two-speeds are nice. A one speed 4:1 would be a good way to save money.

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    I personally prefer something in the 3-4:1 for a single speed, but some folks find that to be too fast of a retrieve. If you're primarily using 3-5# cod sinkers, I'd say look at a lower speed, or a two speed.


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