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    Thinking of replacing those stock 25 on my Sportsman,
    my 2 choices are: Kenda Executioners 26 in.
    ITP XL 26 in.

    Both around the same price shopping online.

    Any recommendations out there


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    Default Tires

    Rob, just how aggressive do you want? You can go all the way from the old "Blackwaters" which used to be the standard, all the way up to ITP Vampires. I have ran ITP Mudlites on the last 2 wheelers I had, and Goodyear Mudrunners on 2 machines. I switched from them to the Mudlites for weight, but a big 600 class machine hardly notices 10 more pounds or so. I have also ran ITP 589's but I didn't like them too much. It had nothing to do with traction at all, just that they seemed heavy and too hard to me. The Mudlites are a softer tire, but grip on a LOT of different terrains well. They will crawl you out of stuff you shouldn't even be in. But all these tires would work real well and you would do ok with any of them. They all have great traction, plus they are tough as old dirt. I have ran over steel, wood, cactus, glass beer bottles at Jim's Creek and all sorts of stuff without getting flats. Good luck with your choice.

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    I went with the 26 ITP XTRs on SS108 Rims on my KQ 750 and I'm in love with them. I have been going places I never thought I would and they still ride super nice on the hard pack.


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