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Thread: Suzuki LT-F300F King Quad Battery

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    Default Suzuki LT-F300F King Quad Battery

    I am looking for a battery for my Suzuki LT-F300F King Quad and I ran across these guys. They have a new product called Motobatt that I would like to try out but I wanted to get some advice from you guys. My dealer said these batteries were fantastic but I wanted to see if anyone has purchased one yet and what they thought. They come already charged and with a two year warranty…so for the price it sounds like a good deal.

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    Default another one

    I am also in market for a good battery that one doesn't look to bad.
    here is a link to another battery i am seriously considering to buy for my Suzuki.
    they say it easily starts a V8.
    its dimensions look like it will fit right in.
    850 amps !!

    • 100% Maintenance Free
    • High Current Output
    • Heavy Duty - Deep Cycle
    • Fast Discharge / Recharge
    • AGM (Absorptive Glass Mat) Technology
    • Sealed Non-Spillable Design
    • Mount In Any Position
    • Ultra Low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance)
    • More Plates for Stronger Energy Density
    • Provides Higher Voltage Under Load
    • Tightly Packed Cells
    • Superior Heat and Vibration Resistance
    • More Power than a 100 Farad Capacitor
    • Battery Terminal Posts Included

    • 20 Ah
    • 850 Amp
    • 600 CA
    • Dimensions : 7" x 3" x 6.5"
    • Weight : 16 lb.

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