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Thread: Charter suggestion in Anchor Point/Homer

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    Default Charter suggestion in Anchor Point/Homer

    The wife, me and another couple are thinking if heading down to Anchor Point/Homer area on May 8th an recommendations on a charters (thinking combo salmon/halibut but at least halibut) and a place to stay?

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    I highly recommend Rich Baltzer in Homer for a king/halibut combo...the kings should be going pretty good by then...Rich fishes year-round for salmon, one of just a handful who do down there. I've stayed at some of the cheaper places in town, but for about 20-$30 more, the Best Western Bidarka Inn is not bad. I think they are still in their shoulder season rates, around $100 for a room with two queens. Plus, they have a FULL breakfast spread included in the price.

    Give Rich a holler if you're thinking Homer.

    Good luck!
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