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Thread: Eklutna Lake streams

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    Default Eklutna Lake streams

    There is a really nice looking small stream that's running into Eklutna Lake; nice, clear, and open. I think it's the East Fork. Are there any fish in there? I watched a couple of pools and didn't see anything. It looks like nice early season nymphing.
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    I don't know about the stream in particular, but I have cought decent rainbows and dollied in Eklutna lake.
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    Default East Fork

    Its a pleasant babbling brook for the time being. With warmer temps, it will turn into a ripping chocolate milk shake soon enough. Late in the season last year when the water was low and clear, I gave it a try but didn't catch or see anything. I tried some different spots starting at the lake continuing upstream for about 4 miles. There are some nice deep holes that should have fish. Maybe there is too much silt in the water during the summer to support fish year around.


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