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Thread: Abnormal Deer on Kodiak

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    Default Abnormal Deer on Kodiak

    There's an interesting article in the Daily News about some strange deer they've been finding on Kodiak in recent years. Has anyone personally seen anything like this?

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    Default no balls

    i've seen them even weirder than that but they were all still covered in velvet.....they were "stags" meaning they had no hunting party killed two in one day at the south end a few years was a just a tall typical looking six point, the other was a wacko with 9 inch bases and 8 long tines groing from the bases... body wise though they were nothing like does....although they weren't rutted up like a normal buck, they were fat and healthy ...i bet they each weighed 200lbs +/-
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    Default kinda like this?

    we took this guy near karluk last november


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