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Thread: Problem with camera starting up at bulb

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    Default Problem with camera starting up at bulb

    Having just come back from a trip from Alaska where i camera was used quite extensively in a hand held mode, in the car as a passenger and in plenty of tourist sites. During the trip I have no problems with the camera. and having taken a large number of photos, spent about a week without having time to look at the camera.

    When I did go out and photograph something, I turned the camera on and it came up with a bulb shutter setting and aperture setting. I could and did adjust it all the way up to a shutter speed of 200 which is why I wanted and the photos were fine. I turned of the camera until later that night when I went out to try and shoot some fruit bats flying past. This time when I turned it on it had set the shutter speed to 230" which wasn't were I had left it.

    I checked all the settings and even reset the lot to make sure I hadn't giggled anything. No luck until a couple of days later when i thought maybe the metering was a bit dusty/dirty from the trip. Next time I turned it on it registered 500 where I had left it but when I popped up the flash it went back to 30".

    Now the thing works and all I have to do is remember to adjust it up every time I turn it on. I would like some advice as to what is going on and possible causes.

    I have two and that I decided to permanently leave the 18-80mm Pentax lens on for my trip so as to avoid dust problems. and the other with the 70-300mm lens on seems to be unaffected. Admittedly I used the smaller lens more than the large one while away.

    Hope you can give me a clue.

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    Which mode are you using? Green, P, Sv, Tv, Av, TAv, M, B, X or User.


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