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Thread: Halibut ?Salmon Fishing mid-June

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    Default Halibut ?Salmon Fishing mid-June

    We're going to drive to AK late may and should be in the Anchorage area around the 10th of June. Does anyone have any idea where the best chance to catch Halibut? Probably the Kings are not running at that time? We plan on going to the Homer area and Seward. Greenhorns at saltwater fishing although we went to Seward last summer and caught 20 pounders. I'd sure like to catch a somewhat larger Halibut this year and we're going to work at it.
    Also, we plan on snagging some Salmon at Seward this year, something we didn't do last year. Any ideas Soldotna, Ninilchik, Seward, Homer? Thanks, John

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    We have a couple of open spots here in homer.......

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    Seward... that is what I like. Earlier June should have a better chance a nicer halibut because most of the combo fishing is not happening. Book a halibut only charter and your odds of a bigger halibut are good but it is still fishing. Wish I could promise and get you the size you wanted. Look forward to having you back on the Kenai Pennisula.

    You should catch your limit of halibut in either homer, ninilchik (deep creek) or seward.... size seems to be the question at hand and that can only be determined after the trip.
    Have a good drive up.

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    Ye, I know that no one can guarantee the size of the fish that "you're going to catch" however, can't they use sonar and the fish finder to locate large fish or am I dreaming?

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    Some areas seem to produce bigger fish than others, but they aren't always there. I wish my sonar would show me the size of halibut or any halibut on the screen for that matter and I'd be a happy guy. Halibut are always on the move from what I've experienced. I've been out catching 50-60 pounders and within minutes nothing but 10 pounder and vice versa.

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    I knew it, I just didn't want to admit the facts. Several decades ago I went out on a charter for Destin Florida with a friend who was the capt of the boat. He told me he towed junk cars out and after several months this "reef" had schools of fish around it (Red Snapper). When he'd take a paying customer out, he'd keep the engines running (due to gulf currents) and the clients would catch a few and the capt would drift away on purpose so as not to "fish out" his hideaway and no one knew he was drifting. He wanted to fish other customers there later without it being fished out. He'd tell those aboard that
    they stopped biting" and take off for another spot. I wonder how often this occurs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by popaJuan View Post
    Ye, I know that no one can guarantee the size of the fish that "you're going to catch" however, can't they use sonar and the fish finder to locate large fish or am I dreaming?
    Halibut lack a swimbladder and tend to be on or near the bottom...they really don't show up on the fish/depth finders. Usually, the captains will have spots they know produce nice fish and try those first; later, as necessary, they'll head somewhere where they can at least fill out limits with chickens. Some, or course, might head to the chicken hole just to fill the boat, but not the folks you mentioned in your first post. Halibut are migratory, so big fish may show up at a spot sporadically (or regularly) throughout a summer. I also sent you a PM.
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