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Thread: Anchor River Campgrounds??

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    Default Anchor River Campgrounds??

    I'm thinking about going to the Anchor River for Memorial Day weekend. I know it might be early for Kings but Homer is always close and fun. I haven't fished or camped at the Anchor River before and was looking for some basic advice. Good campgounds for the family? Do any of the campgrounds take reservations? Where is the best fishing, closer to the beach or highway?

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    Default any

    any of the campgrounds there would be good for family camping - fish throughout the river IF they are in.....not sure on reservations - - google should pull up something.

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    can't reserve anything, show up real early if you want a spot in the campground. You can camp on the beach for free but it is loud. I wouldn't bring kids there memorial day weekend, lots of drunken debauchery takes place, its a good time if you are into that sort of thing...
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    Default no longer as raucous as it used to be.

    a concentrated effort by local troopers and rangers has pretty much curtailed the free-for-all attitude that got the party-beach reputation AKPM refers to.
    i don't think you can camp on the beach for free any longer, iirc the land has changed hands and is now a no-camping area.
    never can say how the fishing will be, but it's not too far to the spit-hole.
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    I stayed at the Anchor on Sunday last Memorial Day. There was one or two open spots at the campground by the beach, and several open campsites throughout the other campgrounds farther up the river. We had a whole area to ourselves, and it was pretty quiet.

    The fishing was also pretty quiet. River was running high and dirty. Heard of a couple guys hooking fish near the ocean but I didn't see any fish caught.
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