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    I was doing a search for new gear and happened to glom onto a Canada outdoor gear shop and couldn't get over how cheap the prices were compared to here in the US. Currently the US $ is worth more than Canada so I guess it makes sense. I was wondering if anyone is aware of any trustworthy Canada mountaineering shops that my have great deals and are willing to ship to the US? I bought an Arcteryx backpack in Canada (where they manufacture them) many years ago and it was about 20% cheaper than the same pack bought in the US. Thanks!

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    Default New Zealand or Elsewhere?

    I just looked at the US $ and it is even better in New Zealand. It may be fairly expensive to ship that far and I'm not sure if additional taxes, etc apply?

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    Here are a couple of stores that have sporting supplies

    Lebaron is a good store with great prices, selection... availability is an issue at times.

    MEC is a good backpacking store there is conflicting information that they are anti-hunting the choice is yours if you want to shop their.
    Their product break down will say on the item if they can ship outside of Canada or not.

    Mondo sports is a decent backpacking store that sells hanwag boots
    and an assortment of wool and synthetic clothing. They have a US shipping policy you may wish to read.

    Thanks Trevor


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