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Thread: changing calibers

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    Default changing calibers

    I asked this question on a different thread but thought I'd pose it seperately. If I had a bolt action (lets say a Kimber) chambered in any of the .308 based cartridges, could I change cartridges to a .358 by taking it to a gunsmith and having him simply swap barrels?

    Would this pose any problems, would any other adjustments need to be made? Could I buy a .243 and later, if I wanted to, swap it to a .308 by changing barrels?



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    Default yes

    Abe short answer is "yes" you could have a smith change barrels or you could have your gun rebored to .35 cal. and then reamed. The bolt face would be the same (308 to 358) or any of the 308 offspring for that matter. But I think you are looking for a switch barrel rifle?? If so Savage is the way to go as you can buy the barrel wrench and switch barrels yourself, they are pretty simple to headspace with the right gear.


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