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Thread: Anybody have any extra .375cal bullets laying around?

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    Default Anybody have any extra .375cal bullets laying around?

    Going to start load developement on my new .375 Ruger and want to try as many out as I can. I have a box of 260gr Accubonds and a handful of Hornady 225gr so dont need more then those. Would like to get some TSX's in 235,270 & 300, the 300gr Accubonds and Partitions and any Woodleighs.

    I'm more then willing to pay, I just dont want to buy a whole box, maybe 15-20 of them.I am willing to trade as well, I have lots of 270,7mm 308 and 338 cal bullets of all makes and models that I would be willing to trade.

    Let me know what you got-
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    I sent you a PM

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    I have 50 300 grain Nosler Partitions I may be interested in selling.
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