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Thread: Haines mtn goats

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    Default Haines mtn goats

    As usual, I didn't get drawn for any close goat hunts, so I was thinking of driving to Haines on a registration hunt and trying get close with my recurve bow. Does anyone have any experience and advice on where, and when to go? Will I need a boat to get to the hunting areas? I've only seen the area by maps and Google Earth, so I will be going in sight unseen. I have at least hunted goats and know the effort needed to climb those mountains. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    A boat would be very helpfull in hunting the Chilkats along the river.At times you can catch goats comming down to the river to drink. Some hunt the highway area but it can be dangerous. Lost a friend a few miles up the road,you could see his body from the road but no way to get to him. He made one bad step going to recover his goat and he was done for.


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