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Thread: anybody got a Jim Creek report

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    Default anybody got a Jim Creek report

    anybody been to the glacier, how are the water levels

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    Default Knik Glacier

    We went out Saturday. Quite a few riders at the Glacier and some campers in the woods close to Metal Creek. Metal Creek was starting to open up. Jim Creek had some slush on it but easily crossable. The trails had a lot of standing water on them. A little bit of mud, but with the ground still frozen you didn't have any worries of getting stuck.

    Coming back from the glacier we made the mistake of getting out on the ice where the river had made its new path by Wolf Point. I ended up breaking through the ice and couldn't get my machine back on top of the ice. Ended up having to break through the ice for about 100 yards until I could get back into the woods. Luckily it doesn't look like I did any damage to my machine.

    Saw a lot of sheep on the hill sides, several rabbiits hopping around, and overall had a great time.


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