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Thread: Remington XCR vs Alaskan TI

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    Default Remington XCR vs Alaskan TI

    I really like my Remington 700 BDL but would like an all weather gun since I seem to be in rain or snow alot. I have one XCR in 375 ultra and would like one in 300 win mag. I have thoughts of sheep hunting and would like a light gun. The Alaskan TI is 1 3/8's # lighter. I have seen alot of talk about a light rifle when sheep hunting from you guys. Is the difference in the weight worth the difference in the price. I know the TI has a few differences along with being lighter. Thanks, Mark

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    It kinda' depends on how much sheep huntin' you're planing on doing! Some people hunt sheep every year...and then other critters as time, work and finances allow.

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    I would just get the stainless SPS. All you get with the XCR is a little bit better crappy stock and a finish that is not worth the extra dough. The Ti has a nice stock but you could do the same thing to the SPS. It might be hard to get the SPS down to the weight of the Ti though. 6 1/4 in would be fun to carry but wouldn't be fun to shoot too many times.
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    I think you would still do better with another xcr. I have one in 375 H&H and I love it. Randy at Guns Galore should be able to get you a deal on it.


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    I have a XCR chambered in 375 RUM. I had the barrel shortened to 21"s... It weighs around 7 lbs loaded... I love it.

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    Default Your question

    Mark, "is it worth the $$ for a pound and 1/2", NO. Don't get me wrong, the TI is a great rifle but also twice the price as an XCR. I have an XCR in a .300 WSM and in my opinion its the best rifle that remington has put out since the model 721. Go with the XCR.


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