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Thread: Trying to learn about hunting blacks outside of whittier

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    Default Trying to learn about hunting blacks outside of whittier

    I am new to boating but I have friends helping.I am wanting to go soon but I have no idea when to go thanks

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    I would say late may or early june.

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    Probably late May and early June is a good time for bear hunting. I have done a few trips over there and always had an oppurtunity to shoot a bear. There are lots of bears and if you spend time in your binoculars you can see them on about any hillside out of Whittier. They are big veggie eaters and will be eating fresh grass and beach stuff when the tide is out. They will also get in some places I won't climb in or to. I would encourage you to pick up a book called "A Cruising Guide to Prince William Sound", or something like that. I think you can fin it on this site. It is a very good book with a wealth of information about PWS. Be careful and have fun.


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