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Thread: Cheap Kids ATV! Jetmoto

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    Default Cheap Kids ATV! Jetmoto

    Has anybody tried any of the cheap kids ATV's like the Jetmoto's? I've seen a couple of different one's listed on craigslist for 999 and 1,099. I know you get what you pay for but are they worth messing with?

    If you have one or have had one please let me know what you think.

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    Default they are what they are

    They're great for the money, but they do have limited uses. I bought a Sunl 90 for my boy about 3 years ago. That thing ran great, but you have to modify them a bit. All of the electrical parts are very wimpy. It came with a remote start/alarm (unhook it, all it does is kill the battery) Replace the battery connections, put some zip ties on the coil to hold it in place(after a month it seemed to drop in every puddle he hit) Also stay away from water,the air filter just runs straight of of the carb like a go-kart(swamped it several times. and last but not least they only have about 2 inches of ground clearance so any travel outside of the yard is rough.

    I know this sounds bad but I actually thought it was a great little machine cosidering a name brand one cost about $1500 more.

    my son outgrew it and I sold it this winter. I would do it again.

    Good luck.

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    Man, if I were you, (and granted I dont know how old/big your child is) I'd hold out and buy a used 90cc polaris or suzuki. You can find them used for 1500 or less and I'm going to guess they are twice the machine as far as quality...

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