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    This is kind of off topic so I apologize if it is out of place. I just bought a 2009 KLR 650 dual sport motorcycle and can't wait to get it out on some trails in Hatchers and up north.

    My question is on the DMV motorcycle road test. I already have my learners permit and have been taking it out as much as I can as I am brand new to riding bikes. I am jwanting to know what the road test for bikes includes and how hard it is? I looked online and couldn't find any specific information. I plan on taking the ABATE motorcycle class and I know that gets me my license, I just won't be able to take it until the end of May at the earliest, and don't want to wait that long.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Wait to take the ABATE class. They will teach you everything you need to know to begin riding. Good course!

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    Default Road test

    First off, your bike is going to make passing the course MUCH easier. I passed it on a 2005 hopped up Victory Vegas and it was shall I say tough? You will have to do a series of S-turns, an obstacle avoidance at 15-20 MPH, a U-turn at parking lot speeds, an emergency stop at 2nd gear speed, a swerve at speed of about 15 mph. You cannot drop the bike. If you put your foot down you lose a point. Three points and you are terminated. Good luck!

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    Default Piece of cake

    I did it on a XT350 Yamaha Enduro. Once you have put some miles on your training permit, I think it will be easy for ya!


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