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Thread: Teklanika river canyon

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    Default Teklanika river canyon

    So I figured out there are class 5 rapids in the canyon stretch. Does anyone know anything else about it, possibly a portage, or contacts for more ino. Thanks

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    Default Telanika

    You might CHECK THIS LINK if it's any help. I'm not a whitewater guy, and I have not floated it. Class V from the looks of it. Embick's book might have something on it.

    If I remember correctly, the Telanika was the river that rose and prevented Christopher McCandless from crossing in his attempt to get back out to the Parks Highway. He went back to the bus on the Stampede Trail and eventually died there.

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    Have been down the Tek in two canoes and a raft. When you get down in the canyon, there are very high straight up walls, no place to get out if you swamp, but here really weren't any rapids in it. Then you go around the corner and the left / north wall sluffed off a long time ago. Most of the water goes down an under in a whirlpool going under the slide. A little of the water goes through a small V that's not wide enough to get a canoe through. We lost two canoes in the whirlpool. The raft we managed to save. I hoofed it out of there - half way to the highway. The raft with my brother Greg and Johnny came out down at Nenana about five days later. If you want more info, let me know.



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