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    Why did speer stop making the 275g for the 338? I love my 375 brno and my 458 but I have a 338 that loves 275 speer bullets but they are gone why?

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    Smile money?

    They probably were not selling enough of them to make money is my guese. We live in the age of the super bullet and when using a .338 we can get buy with a 225 or 250 grain bullet for any North American big game critter. Flatter trajectory and less recoil with better penetration. Us big game hunters never had it so good when it comes to bullets.

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    Everybody and their cousin are convinced speed kills. As long as it goes fast then it's good. Who wants a slow, heavy, deep penetrating bullet when they can get a 3kfps screamer that blows up all the edible meat?
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    Default Speer 275 grain .338

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