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Thread: Freighting on the Yentna

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    Default Freighting on the Yentna

    How's the Su and the Yentna holding up this week? We aren't past McDougall's, hoping it's good that far.

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    Ugly, but doable, if you have something that can't wait to get out there. I would wait and go by boat soon.
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    Question Freighting?????!!!!!!!!!

    I don't think so!!!!
    Just talk to Dave up at Luces he did his last haul on Tues. He said the Big SU. has some issues!!! But the Yentna was still fair, just some ash. He said maybe single sleds, but be careful you never know this time of year!
    Let me know how it goes!!!!!!
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    Just got back from D. landing today, The parking lot getting soft rutting up, had to use 4x4 to pull machines out. There a few still heading out,I took short run down the river, Snow is dark with ash,and the dips are full of water and scab ice that freezes at night.+1 to what Akres said!!

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    Default Almost got wet

    Last round trip to day . Skip water, over flow, did not haul load . Friday was told of over flow, was kind of fun , but then
    i'm am a true senior sled head!!!!


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