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Thread: Peninsula Hooligan???

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    Default Peninsula Hooligan???

    I'm wondering if anyone has information on hooligan runs on the Peninsula. Years ago I recall several people catching scads of them in Seward. Any information on when/where appreciated.

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    I am pretty sure they run up the kenai. I don't know the timing for sure, but I would try mid May

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    I saw loads of them running up the Resurrection in Seward 5 years ago. I was there from Feb til May but I do not recall when I saw them. There were so many that I literally caught them by just reaching my hand into the river! They were up river less than a mile from the highway bridge. I bet if you give the Seward Chamber of Commerce or the DNR over there a call they could help pin point the run dates.

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    Last year there were lots of hooligan in the Resurrection River--so many about two miles up from the bridge that we Brown Bears fishing for several days like something out of Katmai National Park, and right near the road where you could watch them! Not every year has such a strong run, but seems like there are at least some every year in May and June

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    Default silly question...

    Quote Originally Posted by tom1tom View Post
    Years ago I recall several people catching scads of them in Seward.
    Pardon my ignorance; What is a "scad"

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    Default Scads -

    scads A term that is used to describe a quantity. Generally the quantity is greater than a dozen, but limited to a managable number. This term is quite obscure but very noticable when put to use, thus the power of the word. More often than not, it comes to use in the sporting world, however, it has also been overheard among beer drinkers trying to describe (usually a lie) how much beer they can consume in a night or weekend.
    Coach - Ok, we're going to run scads of 200s today.
    Runner - Could I not run this workout?
    Coach - You didn't run yesterdays workout.

    lotsa bunch tons scad plenty o'
    by Oh Welles Aug 31, 2006 share this
    Wow - you have to look in the "Urban Dictionary" for this.
    How stupid is it to be wasting tons of salmon and halibut as bycatch in the Bering Sea and then have the coastal villages hollaring they have no food? It's got to stop!

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    Default scoch

    Scad is the opposite of scoch; meaning a few. Both terms are commonly used throughout the British Isles.

    I commend you for wanting to know the meaning of the unfamiliar.

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    All I know is when the hoolies are in you can get bucketloads.

    Don't like to eat them too much but they sure make good pike bait.


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