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Thread: Becoming fly fishing Guide.

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    Default Becoming fly fishing Guide.

    What are the first steps it takes to becom a registered fly fishing guide in alaska? Does that title exist or do you merely need a 6-pack and guiding rights?

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    Default In SE

    Down here we are under the Federal gun .... in order to Guide on National Forest (which is just about all the SE Alaska lands) you need to get a USFS Use permit. Some systems are already at max capacity with no new guide days available.

    You also must have the State Fishing Guide License .... which at this time basically just an over the counter registration.

    You must also register with the St of AK DNR Commercial Recreation Registration.

    for starters .......

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    step one: get a job
    step two: go to fish and game*
    step three: Pay $60 for license
    step four: guide

    *step one point five get a 6 pack license from coast gaurd if guiding navigable waters
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    Default Ouch!

    First seek medical profession assistance and ask why!

    Seriously just fishing guide no title however you may attach one if you fly fish only.

    You might be better off with visiting a local guide you know or someone else knows and them walk you through the process.

    Most everything else was already covered. Starting out on your own requires a little bit of work as an example if you head in that direction i.e. owner guide you need a business lic, insurance, permitting just about any place these days be it state and or federal and of course if your utlizing a motor and boat a Coast Guard Approved Course registration and lots of hours logged prior to even starting that process.

    PM me if you need further guidance concerning just guiding verse the owner /guide thing.

    Location Location Location! Ouch!

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