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Thread: Metal coatings for rest prevention (Robar)

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    Question Metal coatings for rest prevention (Robar)

    I was wanting to know it any one has had any of thier firearms coated by Robar, either thier NP3 or Roguard? If so how did the finish hold up and were there any significant lubrication propertys noticed? I have a Ruger k77 MkII that I was thinking of having coated and want to hear some reallife feedback. Thanks for any feedback.
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    Default Electroless nickel NP3

    I was able to find some on more formation on the NP3 coating. It is an electroless nickel plating with a teflon-like compound incorperated into the plating. It is claimed to significantly reduce wear on parts and prolong the life of the firearm. From what I have read the finish is a flat gray. NP3 is not as hard as hard chrome but has more consistant thickness and more corrosion resistance. NP3 has a RC hardness of 48-51 while hard chrome is in the area of 65-68. One of the article I read said that NP3 was initally formullated for use on oil platform out at sea. If it can stand up to a enviroment as harsh as constant sea water I think it should meet and exceed my needs. The price is around 290 for rifles for all part and 250 for pistols. Household 6 has given me the go-ahead, so with a little more research and a little saving I think I just might give it a try. Any first hand experience would be greatly appreciated.
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    I have a hunting partner that had his 375/338 Chatfield-Taylor Interarms Mk X done with the NP3 coating back in 1991. He flipped a boat on the HoHolitna River in 1992 and the rifle sank like a brick even though it was in one of those supposedly floating gun cases. Never could find it. In 1993 some other friends thought about this incident while they were up hunting on the HoHolitna River and went looking for the spot where this rifle was lost. The water level in 1993 was no where near the high water levels of 1992 and they were actually able to find this rifle. They opened the case, cleaned up the rifle and oiled it down on the inside of the barrel and action. I don't know why the insides of this rifle had no rust on them, but they didn't. The exterior that was coated with the NP3 looked just like the day it did when he got it back from Robar in 1991. After checking everything out to make sure it was safe to fire, he took it out too the range and stated shooting it just like nothing had ever happened. To this day the rifle looks like it did when he got it back from Robar. Supposedly Robar has tested the NP3 coating up to 1,000 hours of salt water submersion with no problems with the coating.


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