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Thread: Any Charters open in April?

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    Post Any Charters open in April?

    Anyone know of any charters available in the Valdez area that are running in late April? I have a crew in town that leave on the 20th and want to hit the salt water at least once before they leave Alaska.

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    Try looking searching the internet for Valdez charters and calling around.
    Alaska Wildrose Charters and Cabins

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    Default Try this...

    This is Mel Grove's charter service, he's a real nice guy and does very well going way out for halibut, won the Derby a couple of times. Very nice boat. If he is not open then, he can probably steer you towards someone that will be. There's lot's of charters in Valdez, and some of them love it so much they go fishing on their own before the season gets hot.

    Another fine boat, very fast but big, is the No Excuses. Don't have a contact for them, but you could probably find it and a lot more at

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    Default on Orion Charter may be running by then. He lives in Valdez.

    No excuses will not start until 1 May. The Lady Luck on Lady Luck Charters may be available.

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