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    Does anybody own one and or can tell me the pro vs cons ? How about Honda out boards? Thanks

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    Thumbs up Hondas

    I don't know about Uscola, but can say you could do a lot worse than honda for an outboard. That said, Yamaha and Evinrude E-Tecs are great aoutboards as well..
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    Unless you get a good deal on one I would stay from Uscola boats. You might find folks who like theirs, you might find folks who don't. Me personally I don't much care for their craftsmanship in certain areas. There was an apparent window of time where they switched owners so it's hard to say...depends on when it was made and who built it. Overall they are pretty stout, though.

    Sounds like you have a boat in mind? If so can you post a pic?
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