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Thread: A Special Blackhawk (44 that is)..

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    Default A Special Blackhawk (44 that is)..

    HAs anyone laid eyes on one of the New Flattop Blackhawk in 44 special. Comes in 4 5/8" and 5 1/2" version for special distributors only. Just wondered if anyone had seen one. It's certainly on my list.
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    I haven't personaly seen them but GNG has had about six go out the door. I called last friday about the super blackhawk Alaska I ordered and he told me four have gone out the door and two more in back already sold. I started to sob I put my order in first and thats not right. After about five minutes on the phone he told me it was the blackhawk 44 specials and not my model. So to answer your question they have had about six as of last friday. The way he talked it seemed like he was going to get more.


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