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Thread: hiking boots with eVent ?

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    Default hiking boots with eVent ?

    Has any tried the new hiking boots with eVent waterproof/breathable liners ? I was hoping this stuff is both more durable and more breathable than goretex which has been mediocre at best in boots for me. Hi-tek and Kayland and maybe other brands have eVent in some boot models.

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    eVent fabric has better breathability which is good for your feet. the durability of your past gortex footwear was probably secondary to the stitching or taping of the gortex liner. it probably leaked at a seam instead of through the fabric itself. this is a manufacturer problem.

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    I agree with the previous poster your boot probably leaked at a seam vs the material breaking down.. though I have seen issues in gtx and eVent boots. I have had good success with Kayland and Hi Tec boots. eVent is a good material and is mroe breathable than gtx, but I have had a pair of boots completely wet out on a spring climb of Mt. Rainier. That said, I wouldn't hesitate to choose an eVent boot if the boot fit my foot well.


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    Default Kayland

    I bought a pair of Kayland Contact 1000 2 weeks ago. No real trekking yet but the improved breathability over my Danners w/ Gore-tex is readily evident. Waterproof-no chance to test, feel partially broken in out of the box, vibram sole. Overall looks to be sturdy construction and good mid weight boot. Approx $125 at backcountry outlet.


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