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    I just got a new foreman 500. I am about to put a winch on her and tires. Any suggestions for the best tires and winch? What other options are a good idea for this area. i live on hatchers pass out of Willow. thanks for the help100_0007.jpg[IMG]file:///C:/Users/Owner/Pictures/2009-03%20%28Mar%29/100_0010.JPG[/IMG]
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    I prefer Warn winches and a 2500 will work fine on your wheeler. As for tires, well you'll get lots of different answers but it all depends how you use your machine. I've been using the Mudlite XL's for about 4 years now ad absolutely love them. They do everything i've asked of them and more. Wear is incredible and they are lighter than most mud tires out there.
    I use my rig for hunting and playing on the weekends, been seriously stuck about 3 times and each time was due to lack of ground clearance which can be an issue with the SRA, but I can live with that. You don't want to go any bigger than 27" and 26" would be best but if you do want to go bigger, you'll want to consider putting an aftermarket diff lock on it to help turn those tires.


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