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    Default Pump Jet Outboard

    Heres a lower unit I have never seen before. Interesting looking jet pump huh? I do not see much of an advantage here. Maybe I am not looking hard enough?
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    Heres another pic
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    Now that is different. I don't see much advantage as far as allowing shallow water travel. You probably don't loose the 30% typically lost on normal outboards with a jet. I could see an advantage as far as protection. You wouldn't smack a log, fish or anything else of large size and crater your prop. My guess is that price probably doesn't offer any advantages. It would be intersting to hear some feedback from anyone that is familiar or has used one of these odd looking units.

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    I believe it was designed to be safer than a prop with a diver in the water. I don't think there's as much power loss as a standard jet unit, but it still hangs low and isn't much better than a prop in shallow water.
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    Default maybe a bit more powerful?

    Looks to me that it may actually provide a bit more low/mid range thrust since the water column is contained in the housing and somewhat compressed before it exits. Kind of like a jet engine compresses air. There won't be any loss of water pressure off the ends of the prop blades since the housing is there to hold it in. Probably loses effectiveness (may start cavitating) at full throttle though.

    Anyway, just a thought....

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    Default Dura jet

    Mostly a safety thing. Military uses it a lot.


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