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Thread: Beach/dock fishing in Seward or Whitter

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    Default Beach/dock fishing in Seward or Whitter

    Looking for a place to take the kids fishing in either Seward or Whitter. Just want to catch some flounders, irish lords, herring, or whatever. Any suggestions on where to go and what to use would be great. Thanks Guys!

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    Default try bottom fishing

    off the dock in Seward. I take the kids (nephews/nieces) each summer 2-3 times a year. We use hearing for bait, small hooks with a sliding sinker. Usually fish off the dock that leads to the fuel dock. We always have fun. Usually get a bunch of small flounder and occasionally halibut. Have caught a couple bigger ones, even got a 18lb butt once. You can even go after salmon when they're in the marina. Plus you can try along the road for them. Good luck on whichever you choose and most importantly HAVE FUN!


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