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Thread: Who to book on the nushagak?

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    Default Who to book on the nushagak?

    I am looking for some advice on when to go and who to hire for a weeks fishing trip on the Nush. My time frame is very flexible Was last year a good year? does anyone know what the projections are for this year?
    Thanks in advance for your input

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    Bob Toman.
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    Default Depends...

    on if you want guided or outfitted, and if you want fancy or basic. Some good outfits offer pretty nice accommodations on the Nush, others would know better than me.

    If you're just looking for boat use and tent, and basic fare, Chris Carr offers a basic setup for do-it-yourselfers. There was an article last year on his setup in Alaska magazine, and he uses this forum (mostly the Hunting subforum) under the name Gusuk1.

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    Default seeps pretty good
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    Default This is my first choice

    You might try high adventure air out of soldatna, i think they still run a camp over there for kings.


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