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Thread: Kashwitna River?

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    Default Kashwitna River?

    Anyone fish the Kashwitna for Kings and Silvers? I have heard of monster kings being taken at the mouth and if I remember right a few have won a King salmon derby. Also is there a boat launch or is the Susitna boat launch and traveling down the lil willow the only options?

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    Smile Kashwitna

    Susitna Landing is around 84mile of the Parks. There's a big sign there, go down that road and when it dead ends, you're at the landing. Ron Wilson owns the place and is an awesome boat operator and cool all around guy. The Kashwitna is what you launch into and it's only a 100 yard boat ride downstream and into the Big Su. For your options; You could boat down Willow creek, hit the Su and go up to the Kash. If you've never ran down the Willow before, I wouldn't recommend it. You mentioned the lil' Willow, I'd pass on that as well too. Both are skinny and shallow and no real place to launch a boat. Putting in at Susitna Landing or heading up from the Deshka are the more reasonable ways to go.

    There are some good kings in the Kash as you mentioned, but the holes are few and the river is getting crowded. There's a little more "elbow room" in other areas that produce good kings. The silvers are decent there too, but you can get quality silver fishing down river without driving so far. Unless of course that doesn't bother you.

    Hope this helps, good luck...

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    Thanks swampdonkey, just what I was looking for.

    We used to run the Willow all the time when the Kings and Silvers were in. We did travel up and down the lil willow a few times, but it has been years since I have been on that creek. I do remember there being a free boat launch on the lil willow.


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