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    Does anyone have any experience with Zamberlan Boots? I tried on a pair at ALASKA GT RR, AMH today. They seemed to fit pretty good. Just wondering how they will hold up and how they compare to Lowa Tibet or Scarpa Liskamm.

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    i looked at them at AMH, they didn't have my size. looked like good boots. they are a great make, and made in italy. i used to have a stiff pair of mountaineering boots a while back, solid construction.

    the liskamms are going to have a much stiffer last.

    the tibets are probably just a little stiffer, but may be very close.

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    my hunting partner and i each took a pair for a 3 week float this past fall. they are the trek light or similar. They were great and still wear them often. One of mine did leak at the end but I think it was because I let a lot of sand inside of the boots and left it to rub the goretex on multiple days (used wool socks as camp shoes).


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