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Thread: What's a good bear dog besides a Karelian ?

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    Default What's a good bear dog besides a Karelian ?

    Would like one for protection and tracking wounded bears. After reading past post I am starting to wonder if a Karelian would be right for me.

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    Default Dogs

    Might consider a Plott or Airedale. Both are good hunters, people dogs, and pretty much fearless. Plotts hunt bears and boar in Bavaria, Airedales are just real big terriers with a good nose and love to please.
    CAUTION: Airedales like to dig, they are afterall terriers.
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    Default Other Dogs

    Hounds are popular bear hunting dogs because of their superior stamina and sight & scent abilities. The Rhodesian Ridgeback (also known as the African Lion Hound) hunts large game such as bear, deer, elk, and moose. Other breeds used as bear hunting dogs are the Plott hounds and the Walker hounds.

    The way the article read just about any hound would work.

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    Default Sorry but....

    ...just have to say - any dog that doesn't tick off a bear and then let the bear chase them right back to me while the dog hides behind me.

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    If you can LIVE with a Karelian more power to you. There are a few folks on here who own them and I'm sure they would be happy to tell you how much work they are. Don't take that as something negative its just that the KBD isn't a dog for just anyone.

    I love the breed, I just don't know that I could live with one.
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    I have a two year old femal karelian that I got from Soldotna. Her parents are from Bearunoff Kennels. She is our family pet and she is the best dog, very smart. Excellent guard dog. Nothing gets past her. She has not yet met a bear but she has smelled them and tried to track it down but I wouldn't let her. She has a very high prey drive and loves to find animals.

    We live in Kotzebue and have a camp on the Noatak River. A bear dog is a good thing to have in that neck of the woods. She is not trained for hunting. We have basically just encouraged her already present protective instincts.

    Here's my dog Kaija putting my other dog in his place.

    Some people will try and warn you off Karelians. Personally I think that is a tad bit dramatic...HOWEVER....My dog does need a lot of exercise. This is not a dog that would be happy going hunting once a week for three months out of the year. I need to be able to take her out and let her RUN. Serious running. She will run for miles beside the four wheeler or snogo. She will run along the shore of the Noatak after the boat. They can be stubborn and need a persistent trainer. My dog still struggles at times with "come" and there is no such thing as "stay" but that's as much my fault as hers probably. When she is running free in the country she wears a long range training collar. He prey drive is so strong it is difficult to call her off and animal and at time she needs a reminder.

    My dog also has the classic aloofness that the breed is known for. She has an extreme dislike of men she does not know and will bark and growl. She is less offended by unknown women but still very wary. She absolutely ADORES children whether she knows them or not. She totally knows the difference between big kids and small adults.

    Karelians have their personality quirks, just like any other breed. So I hope that info was helpful. If you would like to see more photos of my dog you go to
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