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Thread: Anyone tried camo wrap "camoclad"

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    Default Anyone tried camo wrap "camoclad"

    I have a red Rzr and was thinking about putting the camowrap stuff on it. I understand that the camowrap comes for permanent and temporary applications. I was thinking about permanent. Does anyone have experience with this product? Can anyone tell me about the durability of the system? How do you deal with curves etc. Does the wrap stretch?

    Also any application tips would be appreciated.

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    Does anyone wkow where to get this stuff in Anchoage or do I have to ship it up?

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    Default Camoclad...


    First of all, welcome to 'the Board'...

    I have no personal experience with it's use, but this is off their website and might be worthy of a toll-free call:

    Call us to find the dealer nearest you...


    Funny - kind of like creating a 'pseudo - mudded out' vehicle.
    Wouldn't 'true dirt' be valuable, in this instance? Kidding, well, kind of!

    Happy ATV-ing!


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