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Thread: whats your favorite

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    Talking whats your favorite

    trip to take for a day ride or weekend
    i think ours would be eureka for a camping trip
    or the earlier in the season trip to watch caribou
    go through around when you might have fun getting over monument

    ok really i was just getting tired of 99 posts so i
    thought this would work to get me 100

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    Eureka is so much fun. I can't wait to take the wheelers up there this year. Is that Arctic Cat a 500cc? And is that a custom wagon?

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    Default Wagon

    The wagon looks like a metal horse trough on a trailer. When you get through getting where you are going just fill with water and it's a bathtub. Take it off the trailer instant boat.
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    Eureka is alot of fun. Boulder, Hatchers, Eska
    We do not go to the green woods and crystal waters to rough it, we go to smooth it. We get it rough enough at home; in towns and cities; in shops, offices, stores, banks anywhere that we may be placed

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    Talking matt

    nope it is a 650 trv and yes the trailer is custom built by a neighbor of mine
    and i also have the ski kit for it to go behind my snow machine

    and yes i set the ski backwards when i took the picture and the wife and i both are waiting patiently to get to eureka for the early ride i might make it a camping trip this year instead of a day ride
    TWB do you have any pictures of eska fall would like to find someone to leed me and the wife in one trip this year

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    Nope no pics of eske side but I do have a ton of pics from the King's River trail system and Boulder. Eureka should always be a weekend trip. Everywhere me n the woman go we pack the ranger for the weekend and go as far as we can. Only a few trails from Willow to Eureka that we didnt run last summer.
    We do not go to the green woods and crystal waters to rough it, we go to smooth it. We get it rough enough at home; in towns and cities; in shops, offices, stores, banks anywhere that we may be placed

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    Default Hey Happy

    What is the earliest you have been in Eureka with a wheeler? and what kind of trail conditions should be expected? I know going during a rain soaked weekend makes for quite a bit of excitement.
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    Default earliest for eureka

    is the first weekend in june the last 2 years had good ride but a week earlier and i think getting over monument would have been undoable
    and im chicken with fast water and the nelchina scared me both years
    but hey cats don't like to swim do they hehehe

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    I like Eska and Kings River. Eska can be a lot of trouble, which is part of the fun.

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    Default petersville

    is a real nice road ride the sign reads no motorized vehicles beyond this point so im assuming it was the edge of denli state park

    i never did see what had this moose spooked but she wasted no time getting out and back in the woods and you guys could post a picture if you have them always coo to see other peoples place on a trip

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    Default looks like

    more people are thinking about riding now so thought i would bounce this back to the top to see if any one has more ride ideas to share
    got me a book last night called Alaska wilderness trails i see a few in there
    like off the Denali that look good for later

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    Default Going with Eureka for the weekend trip

    and I think Boulder for the day trip (but today is Wednesday so the day trip choice may change
    There is a faster way off the mountain, might hurt a little though.

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    does that book include atv trails?

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    Eureka is our favorite weekend trip also, take the rv up and stay in one of the gravel pits. We also want to do a camping trip one weekend as well.

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    Default Pinochle/Hicks Trail

    We attempted to do a different trail every weekend last season and I think my favorite was the Pinochle/Hicks trail. We ran the trail about a week after moose hunting season and the ground had some ice on it which was greatly appreciated as there was some serious mud before going down the big hill to Hicks Creek. The 2" - 3" of ice made getting through the muddy stretch much easier than if we would have gone through a couple weeks earlier.

    For you moose hunters...we got up on a knoll and looked down and spotted over 50 moose. You had large bulls with their herems and smaller bulls around the perimeter wishing they could get in on some of that female action. Not a cloud in the sky, the falls colors and all those moose - it reminds me of why I love this State.

    I'm looking forward to doing the trail again this fall and have hopes of going in on the Pinochle/Hicks trail and coming out on Purinton Trail. Has anyone done this loop? If so, did you do it in a one day excursion or take it easy and do it in two days?

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    Default Argonut

    Yeah it does kind of because it says best modes of travel summer and winter
    like hiking atv 4 wheel drive and dune buggy for knik river area
    so yes in its way

    and wanna fish share some of the details or pictures of what that trail looks like and were to get on it hows parking and such

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    Default Pinochle/Hicks Trail

    Approximately mile post 99 of the Glenn Hwy is a roadside pull-off on the left-hand side heading North. Just past this turnout is Pinochle Road. Pinochle Road goes South running parallel to the Glenn Hwy. The trail starts approximately a 1/2 mile down Pinochle Rd. We parked in the turnout on the Glenn Hwy and road our ATVs down Pinochle road until we found the trail - it was easy to find.

    The trail runs through the woods and swampy area for awhile before it starts climbing up the mountain side. The swampy area was a little challenging but no winches were required to get through. The trail up the mountain side was very gentle.

    On top of the first hill we were in a few inches of snow. We followed the trail back and as we got above treeline we ran into a few miles of serious mud. We were fortunate that there was quite a bit of ice that made it possible to skip over much of the mudholes, but we did have to pull the winches out a time or two.

    Once getting past the mud you come up on a large hill going down to Hicks Creek. I went down the hill first and ended up flying over my handlebars. I made it down and turned around and came back up a different path that we ended up using to get everyone down (4 people in our party).

    The trail then follows Hicks Creek, with several creek crossings and actual driving up the creek for periods of time. Small creek and no problems here. A couple small areas looked like the could be mud problems but the ground was frozen enough that we had no issues.

    We made it back to where the Hicks trail meets up with the Chickaloon Trail System. At this intersection we road up on a large knoll and looked below us. That is when we could see several groups of moose. Each group had its bull and a herem of 6 - 10 females. Several smaller bulls off by themselves wishing they could meet some of the ladies.

    At that point, we turned around and came back out. Great day! Temps were in the 20's to low 30's. We were riding 3 Yamaha 700s w/ EPS and 1 CanAm Renegade 800.
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    I like petersville, spent alot of time riding and hunting there. Great place to go for the weekend, get out of town and have fun. Actually, I should make a trip up there sometime soon, I don't know how much snow is there though. Last year, in June, I couldn't make it back across the side of the mountain, too much snow still...

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    I like going to Knik and Jim Creek over the weekend. Fourwheeling there is so much fun. I love making the trip to the glacier also.

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    Purinton and Pinochle are good- that whole system is interconnected and you can do a big loop if you have a couple days or three. Depending on weather could be extremely challenging. Purinton is a good one for newbies- Pinochle had a couple of hills that were extremely technical especially with last season's rain and nasty slick muddy conditions.

    We also like Kings River, Permanente and there is Boulder Creek Trail up past Pinochle that actually loops back around and connects to Pinochle. That was actually a lot of fun, and very picturesque. It runs back past an active mining claim.

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