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    Just want to tell those who was worryed about the chessy on craigslist i have adopted him.... he is an incredible dog... great manners and the owners said they didnt hunt him well an hour on the decoy and he is a retrieving fool. He has more loyalty than any dog i have ever seen....he is a 100 pounds of teddy bear....loves the water except baths..... ( bath time hes a 100 pounds of i dont want to take a bath) greets me at the door every day and plays great with my german pointers...... looks like a got a great dog!!!!
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    That is good to hear. Just before that dog came on the craiglist I picked up a 5 month old yellow lab. I already have 2 chessy so the lab is in training to learn the ways of the chessy. He is having a hard time learning to smile and talking with a woo in his voice.

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    Excellent. Glad you could provide a home for him.

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    Sounds like such a nice boy...I am glad you have given him a home...I was 'this close'...but already have three brillo butts.....LOL

    I sure would have liked to know his pedigree....he looks like he is related to my boy.


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    Default Smiling

    My dad had a chessie that would smile. I have never seen another dog do it until I bought my Chocolate Lab. She started smiling at about 2 years old. It is a really funny face and makes me laugh everytime she does it.
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