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Thread: Win. Mdl 70 SS classic .375 H&H conversion

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    Default Win. Mdl 70 SS classic .375 H&H conversion

    When Winchester designed the Mdl 70 Classic long action they made the action long enough to accomodate a .375 H&H round. This resulted in an action that was around 3/16" longer than the pre-64 actions. Thus the classic long actions do not have to have all the extra machining to accomodiate the full length magnum rounds.

    I'm in the process of converting a classic stainless orginally in .300 Win Mag into a .375 H&H and wonder what mods Winchester did to make a .375 rifle. I've opened up the magazine box by removing the spacer and removed the stop off the bolt collar already - these were obvious differences. I used a factory .375 H&H barrel and stock so those parts were easy also. The ejector may also be different; I've got to look at it closer.

    Any anyone help me out with any other modifications I need to make? I don't have an orginal classic .375 H&H rifle to compare to so I'm a bit lost as to everything else I need to do.

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    I am not positive of the exact steps taken so bear with me. But as far as I know when Stan Jackson performs this type of conversions he does the following:
    1. Either changes out or alters the bolt stop
    2. Removes the spacer in the magazine box
    3. Machines away a small section of the rear of the action to aid ejecting of loaded rounds
    4. Drills and taps a new hole for the rear scope mount since one was just removed when the action was "opened" up.

    Last time I talked to him about this he charged $100 to do everything and he said it was a simple job. Hope this helps.


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