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Thread: dog packs

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    Default dog packs

    anyone have a recommendation for a good dog pack???
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    Default Dog Packs

    I'm not an expert with dog packs, but I like the Ruff Wear Palisades Dog Pack, I got a large which was too big for my 2 year old lab at ~75lbs. Then I got a medium which works great. I have the large one which I'd sell/trade for something or a good price if you are interested. The large is a 07 model, only used on a 1 mile test jog, was on close out sale and I can not find them on line but here is a link to the current medium one I have: <>

    I have started putting the sand bag type ankle weights (about 1.5lbs) in each side, goal is to have him carry 5-6 lbs of dog food on a spring trail bike ride.

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    Default I was just lookiing into them yesterday

    The Wolf Pack brand seems to be highy recommend by users.


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