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Thread: Black Bear Warning

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    Default Black Bear Warning

    My girlfriend and I went x-country skiing yesterday at Campbell Airstrip with my dog. Ten minutes into our trip she felt like something was watching us. As she turned around a big black bear was standing 40-50 yds behind us on the trail!! As we stood there in sheer shock, the bear started heading straight towards us. We began to yell, scream and wave our arms and ski poles. The bear stopped, then started to trot again for us. I told her to get in front of me and haul ass (she's not a good skiier) as fast as she could. I kept looking behind us and the bear kept trotting and catching up. We B-lined for the airstrip and got out in the open, the bear stopped its stalk. I'm very comfy around bears, but this was f**k*d up!! I assume it's the same bear that treed the guy on Sat. I've been out there for 25 years and never had a spring bear encounter. That bear is nuts, STAY CLEAR!!!!

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    Glad you made it back with only an exciting story to share and nothing else. Based on this weekend's news, I'm guessing ADF&G will be out searching for this critter.


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