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    Default Safe-T Pullers

    I've got a friend that is wanting to know if these pullers live up to their reputation. Does anyone have anything good or bad to say about these?

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    Default Prefer Safe-T-Haulers

    The motor is mounted on the verticle secured shaft of the davit and not swinging around. Same company, same motor, same quality but IMO a much improved product.
    Hauls my 5 shrimp pots with ease. Have been through a couple of other brands and styles and they did not last a season and I'm not commercial, just go as often as I can. Mine works like a charm!


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    I had the light commercial model on the old hewescraft and used it for 6 seasons before selling the boat. It pulled five pots, longlined without issues. I have the same set up on the new boat, too. Potbuilder really talks up the electrodyne pullers. They are worth a look as well.
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    I'll have a working demo model at all the sportsmans shows. First show is this weekend Ma-Su Outdoorsmans show followed by the show in anchorage the following weekend.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I'm not too sure what my friend is going to end up doing. The boat is too small for a hydraulic setup, although I argue that with him since I put a hydraulic pulling system, Honda Pack, David, Block, valve and hoses in a 17' bayliner runabout and commercially fished 225 pots out of that for an entire summer. Anyhow, hydraulic is pretty spendy.

    Thanks again.


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