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Thread: I scored 8 pounds!

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    Default I scored 8 pounds!

    I just got 8 lbs of Winchester WST. I have some recipes for for 45acp, so I'm all set there.

    Can it also be used for 38 special? I have a bunch of 158 gr swc to load up.



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    If it works in 45acp it should work in a 38 also. I have never heard of this powder (WST) before so I have no advice other than to contact Winchester for WST/38 special load data. Let us know what you find since the 1911 guys are saying itís even cleaner than Bulseye, I shoot a bunch of bulseye.


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    Default I found what I was looking for on:

    It listed 158 gr swc at 3.3 to 3.7 grains for WST powder.

    Looks like I'm good to go.



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