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    Default Halloween Elk

    Here's the story of that "Monster Elk" shot supposedly shot in Idaho. Some people will do anything for a chance to make the books.,00.html

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    Default My thought

    There seems to always be more to the story. It is a shame for the gentlemen who shot this animal; I would bet he did not want this to happen. Even thought I am not for this type of hunt; this may have been his dream and now someone may have ruined the whole thing for him. But, I am glad that the truth came out. I wounder if we did not have the internet; would this story have got around as fast? I say it would be a campfire story that you would hear and pass on. Just my thoughts.

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    This is a lot like the "13' bear that ate a hiker and charged a forest service worker on a deer hunt....." story that floats around about 3 times a year. I always get that one from friends and family in the states asking me if it's real. I simply reply with the version of what happened and leave it at that! I wouldn't pay anybody to shoot a animal in a cage, but to each their own I guess!

    - Clint

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    Default shooting fish in a barrel

    I just don't get that mentality. How can you feel proud about a set of antlers on the wall that came from a farm raised animal kept in a fence? It ain't hunting, it's simply target shooting.

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    I got an e-mail from a friend in Wyoming that shows a picture of the same elk eating out of a bucket of grain. This elk was very tame. One of his buddies bought 18 straws of semen from this elk to use in his elk breeding operation. The picture is on my work computer. If I get time tomorrow I'll forward it on.

    This guy must have paid a small fortune to shoot this elk.

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    Check this out. Copy and paste into the address part of your internet browser.


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